Poetry de Abielle

If My Heart Were A Painting

If my heart were a painting on display for all to see,
I’d paint myself with shades of water flowing ever free.

Tender strokes and swirls I’d use to illustrate the tide,
Blue and green and turquoise for the waves I’d never hide.

On that canvas I’d pour my heart and never be ashamed,
to show my soul for what it is in gold forever framed.

Raise me up and steady me on the wall with gentle hands,
View my soul’s true nature and please try to understand.

This portrait’s of a woman grown who’s not afraid to show,
The beauty of the ocean deep for all the world to know.


If It Weren’t For Your Wings, I Would Fall

My body, it breaks;
my soul how it aches,
to grow my own wings, how I’ve tried.

You hear my voice whisper,
you see my heart blister;
from lies told by ghosts of the past.

Yet, whenever I waiver,
your strength I will savor;
If it weren’t for your wings I would fall.


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