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My song inspiration: Falling Slowly by The Frames

A single sinking ship can change the ocean’s gravitational pull half a world away.

Chris had just endured the hardest day of his life and had retreated back to his room with a fresh bottle of scotch to help chase away the day’s events. That poor woman, her unfocused eyes saturated with blood and water as she lay lifeless in the tub, her hair wafting gracefully in the water. He tried to imagine the sight of her through the eyes of her daughter. Only a mere six years old and she had come face to face with one of the cruelest evils mankind was capable of. How many years would it be before the little girl understood her mother’s selfish act? Who would care for her now?

It was nearly half past seven. Chris shook his head and tried to forget the images. If he was going to meet his woman of mystery he had to leave now.

Of all the damn nights… Why did the universe have to pull a stunt like this now?

Chris tucked the note carefully into his pocket and stuck his head under the bathroom faucet. This would simply have to do in liu of a shower tonight. He hoped she wouldn’t
notice the state he was in right now. For so long he had waited for this moment; the right moment.

The sun was hanging low in the summer sky. It wasn’t quite time for sunset, but the day’s end would soon come. Life would go on; it always went on. The note in his pocket was
proof that we all had a choice whether hope lived on or died during times of struggle. He would not allow himself to be indifferent to Allison’s final act. He would use it as fire to make every moment he had left count.

Chris locked the door behind him and began walking. His heart full of purpose, he knew exactly what he had to do tonight.


About Abielle Rose

I'm a coffee addicted, cat loving writer on a journey to get healthy, happy and live life to the fullest.
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22 Responses to AW Blog Chain

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  2. Hillary says:

    I adore both your first line and this song. Nicely done.

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  4. Dale Long says:

    Couldn’t hear the song. Apparently Canada is not on their list of listeners.

    The story, on the other hand, I could read. 😉 Great stuff. You carried the forboding over well.

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  7. April says:

    I’m going to have to check out some of these songs. “He would not allow himself to be indifferent to Allison’s final act. He would use it as fire to make every moment he had left count.”

    I love that. “use it as fire…”

    I feel Chris’ devestation, more for his daughter than for himself, and I feel the pull of this mysterious woman. Great job!

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  10. Cath Smith says:

    Nice way to bring the two strings together.

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  12. Diane Dooley says:

    I thought the song gave a lovely hopeful feel to the scene. Poor Chris is having a rough time of it!

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  14. Chris certainly did have a hard day, and it only got worse :). Nice job setting the rest of us up and I love, love, love your song choice.

  15. alexp01 says:

    Wow, that got real dark real fast! I thought “wistful” and you guys thought “suicide tub” 🙂

    Great continuation!

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  20. bigwords88 says:

    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy reading your work? I’m beginning to notice recurring themes and a rhythm in your pacing, which is great to watch slowly unfurl – you really are stepping up to challenges now. The story got a lot darker (and a lot faster) than I thought it would – which is probably my fault in part.

    Now that you are beginning to see your potential, I want to see you submit more material.

    • Abielle Rose says:

      I think you’re a little bias 🙂 Thank you. xx
      As soon as I can get some solid stories drawn up and written I’ll start subbing. Before the year’s out I’d like to sub at least 3 more.

      Same goes for you. You need to start sending out stories and flooding the literary world with your talent.

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