If It Weren’t For Your Wings, I Would Fall

Wow, its been an age since I’ve posted anything. Of course, its been an age since I’ve been able to write anything of substance worth posting! Tonight, the muse came to me in the form of a friend. After a nice chat, it dawned on me how this person has always been there when I needed love, support or even a good kick to the ego. Without much help from my brain, my hand began to write and this is what it produced:

My body, it breaks;
my soul how it aches,
to grow my own wings, how I’ve tried.

You hear my voice whisper,
you see my heart blister;
from lies told by ghosts of the past.

Yet, whenever I waiver,
your strength I will savor;
If it weren’t for your wings I would fall

I may add on some more later, but for tonight I am content with rolling those simple words over my tongue and savoring the meaning they have thanks to that special person. In poetry, emotions mean more than the words that bring them to life. Maybe its time to stop being so afraid to allow my heart to *feel* and just allow it to be free.



About Abielle Rose

I'm a coffee addicted, cat loving writer on a journey to get healthy, happy and live life to the fullest.
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3 Responses to If It Weren’t For Your Wings, I Would Fall

  1. Jason says:

    Very well done! Hoping that you add more to it, its very good. Lots to think about there 🙂

  2. bigwords88 says:

    A beautiful poem. 🙂

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