Fishing for Love

A few days ago I made the oh so tough decision to step outside my comfort zone and sign up for *shockgasphorror* online dating. Whether this was a good decision has yet to be decided.

No. I lied. It was a good decision, but not due to the glorious reults of my ‘matches’. Talking with several guys over the last few days who are interested in getting to know me based on a photo and 5 sentences about my likes has opened my eyes to just how hard it is to find true love in today’s times.

Does anyone out there have a romantic heart these days? Bueller?

4 days have passed. I have recieved messages from a total of 15 different guys close enough to my home town to make things ‘work.’ Where a few seem normal and have dating potential (meaning 2), most of them open with a very endearing line like: “Your eyes are so sexy, I’d like to fuck you all night long.” (yes, that is an actual quote from one of my ‘matches’.) *sigh* Swoon my heart… or try not to dry heave too much over the laptop.

All of this focus on dating/relationships/men has made me wonder, do any guys out there still feel the need to woo a girl, or are dating sites merely a playground for horny pervs just looking for a lonely, easy girl to get with. I do believe that there are some good hearted men out there who really do want something real and lasting, but with my experience this week it seems as if I am unlikely to find a man like that of my own through such means. No matter how hard I try to change my heart, I want a man who will blow me away with the little things.

Even at age 25, I still hold hope in my heart that Disney didn’t totally lie to me as a kid, that love is capable of building a bridge over the ocean, melting the heart of an ice queen or even making magic possible.

The solution: don’t go seeking love. If there is a man out there for me, then I trust the universe that our paths will collide and he’ll be man enough to step up and meet me half way. Its not just a boyfriend or a ‘man’ I’m looking for, its a friend who will be my partner and confidon. I am a relationship girl, not a casual dating one. Hopefully Mr. “I wanna fuck you all night long” will find what he’s looking for… but it will not be with me.

It is always good to take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. Doors don’t open by themselves; they also don’t quench the curiosity if left unopened.




About Abielle Rose

I'm a coffee addicted, cat loving writer on a journey to get healthy, happy and live life to the fullest.
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5 Responses to Fishing for Love

  1. Catwomanthegeek says:

    First off. Wow! Whoop! You go girl!! Stay positive. Its only been a week! And you have two possibles! Think how many there will be in a week!!!! Blimey!

  2. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Disney didn’t totally lie to you. But it might not happen when you want or expect. The circumstances may not be easy.

    On-line dating? Hmmmmmm – I think for you younger ones it can work, as I know of several couples (at least five) that met on-line and have amazing relationships. I still think meeting someone “by accident” (i.e. just through living life) has advantages!

  3. michael says:

    As a 43yr old average looking male, i assure you we are out here, i find I’m getting ready to join a dating site for the same reason you stated.

  4. My Dad met my Step-Mum through an onlnie datnig agency – they’ve been married for 2 years now and seem very happy, so I know dating agencies can work for some.

    And Dosney-style romance, true love and happy endings are out there too – my hubby and I have been together 11 years now and are still madly in love with each other and happier than ever. yes, there are ups and dowsn, yes we sometimes niggle at each other and have a few cross words, but that’s normal. We have a beautiful 2-y-o son and hope to give him a little brother or sister some time in the not-too-distant future too. To cut a long story short, neither one of us was looking or love when it happened to us.

    Hang in there – love will happen when you least expect it! 🙂

  5. Jason says:

    I’m curious as to how this ended up going for you? I ended trying a few of them, the free ones of course. I liked Zoosk until my ex wife showed up as a potential match. I met a woman off of one of the other ones and we dated for about 4 months. I think its just like anywhere else you try to find someone, its just pure luck. The only thing different about the dating sites is, sometimes, you can actually find someone with similar interests instead of just taking a shot in the dark. The woman I dated also had similar guys give her the “I wanna F you” line too. Its amazing some guys seem think we’re back in cave man times. LOL

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