Inspire Thy Soul

For the last hour I’ve been sitting in my favorite coffee house at my favorite table attempting to write despite the muse’s absence from my fingertips. Instead I’ve been sitting here pondering the concept of: “What exactly is a ‘muse’ and how does inspiration work?”

There are so many little subconscious actions or sounds that can have a ripple effect on our creativity. Something as simple as seeing an animal scurry along it’s daily routine outside our bedroom window or as common as a song we may have heard fifty times before could strike a chord in our brains, releasing that adrenaline rush and making us jump internally for joy! ‘I’ve got it! This is going to be incredible! I can’t wait to show the world my interpretation!’ Houston, we have lift-off- cue dramatic ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing. Inspiration has struck.

Tonight must be one of those lovely summer nights where the ancient Greek inspiration givers are off frolicing among the forests and rivers, enjoying the eternal life they’ve been given rather than tolling away at the office. After all, even the muses must require a holiday every now and again, right?

Though inspiration helps bring life creativity is it really nessecary in order to produce a great work? Surely all artists can’t just sit and wait for that one single drop of rain to fall from the sky and fill the ocean with waves in order to play in the water, right?

Regardless, the show must go on…



About Abielle Rose

I'm a coffee addicted, cat loving writer on a journey to get healthy, happy and live life to the fullest.
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