Cinderellas and Anti-Fairytales

One thing fairytales never taught us growing up (thanks Disney) is just how hard it is to achieve your dreams.

Lately it seems like I’ve spent more nights wondering how many bottles of Tums Cinderella went through as she lay next to her fire at night wondering if her one night in heaven was worth the price.

It’s 4:15 a.m. and all I can seem to think about is how different my life may have been if I had just gone the straight path. Ever since I was little I’ve been a dreamer and no one has ever let me forget it. Once when I was around six or seven I remember my mom telling me if you dreamed about something it would never come true. I spent many years of my childhood crying after dreaming about kissing my crush and then realizing I’d just ruined any chance of ever actually kissing him in real life.

Sorry, Nick Carter. I know that’s the reason we’re not together now.

Dreams are real and very achievable, but they are expensive. Chasing your dream doesn’t mean you’re going to feel an angel guiding you along every step of the way along a carpet of rainbows. If you choose to follow them, you’re going to cry, snot and probably end up a major caffeine addict. The caffeine part really isn’t all that bad, though.

Motivation is the hardest obstacle to overcome. If you allow yourself to be easily misled then you’re going to do everything you can to find an excuse not to make progress. “My muse is on vacation… I’m tired… Its too cold outside… My coffee pot is empty and the midgets who live in the top part are on strike…”


Cinderella’s story painted us a picture of a girl who overcame all odds to be with the man she loved. We didn’t read about her crying herself into a wall-staring coma or praying to whatever god exists to turn back the clocks to before the night of the ball so she could at least be ignorant once again of just how beautiful it was to live her dreams.

Okay, so Cinderella is a really bad example. Have I mentioned it’s 4:24 a.m. and my brain is not yet caffeinated because it’s 4:24 a.m.?


Anyway… It’s time to stop making excuses. No one should be allowed into your heart or head who isn’t capable of encouraging you to grow and become the best version of yourself you can be. The excuses need to stop whether they’ve been placed in your head by a) another person b) laziness c) The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Stop reading this blog post now and spend at least 15 minutes working towards your goal. If you don’t have a goal then spend 15 minutes today setting one and figuring out a plan to achieve it. It may not be worth much, but I believe you can do it and I don’t even know you.

My goal: To write 5,000 in my beloved MG WIP. If I can write a 500 word blog post without caffeine I can write 5,000 on my story with caffeine.



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Snow Covered Cobblestones

Thanksgiving Day snow began falling here in the plains. Not much, just enough to create a wintery wonderland and welcome the holiday season in style. Fluffy white snow coating the ground and clinging to the barren branches as the friendly bunnies in my courtyard chase each other and search for the scraps I often leave for them.

This time of year has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. Even now, at age 27, I still believe along with the snow and the cold come magic and miracles. Anything is possible because people are more open to trusting and believing the impossible really isn’t all that impossible, after all.

I was going to do a blog post on my favorite holiday movies, but there is plenty of time for that. Today I just want to sit and marvel in the possibilities life offers me on a daily basis. Possibilities I often pass up because I’m too terrified to take a chance. This year, I’ve decided not to do that.

One thing I’ve learned about miracles: you cannot simply wait for them to happen. You have to accept them when they’re offered.

Do one thing for me today. Think about your life and the opportunities you have. A miracle is actually an opportunity that’s been accepted. How many do you pass up on a daily basis and how can you learn to change that habit of running away so that you can become the person you dream of becoming? It’s the season for miracles. Open your heart, don’t run and allow yourself to believe and accept magic.

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How I Spent Today Procrastinating When I Could Have Spent It Chasing My Dreams:

How I Spent Today Procrastinating When I Could Have Spent It Chasing My Dreams: 

Today, Friday July 6th 2012, I woke up early. Well, not *too* early (my alarm clock rang for a solid 6 minutes before I realized it was reality and not some annoying nightmare). 

The kind of job I work is one with a fair amount of down time. Since being at work today I’ve had about 2 hours worth of down time and I’ve been here for about 2 1/2 hours. It takes me roughly about an hour to write 1,000 words if I budget some time for wall staring and nitpicking. Today I have written only the words in this post which, when you claim to be a writer, sadly don’t count. 

So what *have* I done with these 120 free minutes of time? I sorted a box of t-pins mixed with regular pins and safety pins, I created some TMI moments on a public forum with the help of my sexy beast of a boyfriend, and I discovered via People online that Jackson Rathborn (Jasper from Twilight) had a son… 

… well, it’s been about 8 hours since I started writing this (yes, I worked 10 1/2 hours today…) Still no words but I’ve managed to window shop and save 6 new items to my wish list at my favorite clothing store, watched silly animal GIFs at and dink around Craigslist for furniture I don’t really need. 


I also asked my boyfriend who Loki is. He is a geek and he didn’t laugh at me (at least I don’t think he did…) 

Productive day has been very productive. [sarcasm]


xoxo Abielle

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